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Gilbert Fowler
"Inside car guys has been great from day one. With frequent texts, phone calls, Johnny and Marcus were diligent in finding me a satisfactory deal on the car and color I wanted. Everything was transparent, professional, and it became very clear that the customers interests and concerns were a top priority, The new Toyota Rav4 was conveniently delivered and every step throughout the process was as courteous and professional as anyone can ask. I recommend this broker to anyone trying to find the right vehicle at the right price. THANK YOU INSIDE CAR GUYS ! ! !"
Alfonso A.
"I can't say enough about Marcus, he is very professional and knowledgeable. This was my experience with Marcus: Day one: I called Marcus, had a conversation with him for about 10 minutes regarding the car I wanted and the pricing I was looking for. In less than an hour I heard back from him, he had found exactly what I wanted and he was trying to negotiate a lower price. An hour or so later he called back again telling me the deal I had obtained. I was really impressed. Day two: I sent my information to Marcus in the morning; in the afternoon I already had my brand new car at a better price than what I had encountered at dealerships, and lower than what some of the people I know had paid for it. Got the paperwork ready and that was it. Best thing about his service: No headaches, no dealing with salespeople, and an amazing price. I will be contacting him soon again, one of my relatives is looking to buy a car as well. This is your guy. I even created a yelp account in order to be able to post a review about his business. Oh yeah, given the amount of phony "businesses" that are present on the internet, I was a little bit hesitant to trust him at first. If you feel like I did, do your research and you will see he is legit. Hope this helps."
Riverside, CA
Brendan S.
"Buying a car is stressful and complicated. Lots of fine print and misleading quotes online and no straight answers from the dealerships salespeople, I think their main job is to just get you to come in so they can team up on you and force a sale. I am so glad I found inside car guys the auto broker. They sent me real numbers with all the fine print translated so I can see exactly what I am paying and after deciphering the misleading lease deals and so called new car specials I found that all of the quotes were better from 1000 to 5000 per car. Thanks inside car guys and as for auto brokers go Marcus was the fastest and most attentive and transparent. I didn't tell him I had contacted 5 others and they were all slow and higher priced than ICG."
Los Angeles, CA

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How Our Auto Broker Service Works

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1. Tell Us What Car You Want

One of our expert auto brokers will guide you based on your needs and goals. Then we will explain how our service can help you with a new or used vehicle, and the sale or lease return of your current car.

2. We Negotiate The Best Deal For You

We’ll use our insider knowledge of the auto industry, as well as connections with dealerships, to secure you a deal that will have you paying considerably less money.

We’ll scour our network to collect information, locate vehicles, and negotiate pricing on your behalf. Our process ensures that you get the exact car you want, with the right specifications. That’s what a car broker is for.

3. We Arrange Drive-Off or Delivery To Your Driveway

With Inside Car Guys, you don’t have to take delivery at the dealership. We’ll have your car delivered right to your home or business, saving you time and convenience.

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