Refund Policy

First off we want to say thanks for the support. We work hard to meet and exceed expectations so communication is important through this process. We love teamwork here at ICG and there will usually be a team of 2 to 3 people working for you including a senior broker.

Our goal is to do the entire deal A-Z with your responsibilities being to approve and sign. That’s not always the case so we have to compromise and be creative under the given set of circumstances that we do not have control over. With that said, We want you to know that we are always flexible for your needs.

We want this to be teamwork after all you hired us to be your inside guys that have many years of inside experience that have the exclusive inner workings knowledge of the business. You may not be aware of all the behind-the-scenes time we put into the deal with countless hours of shopping and filtering listings and many steps of negotiating that take place.

One thing is for sure we will work hard and even if you find your own deal we will still be happy to negotiate the final numbers when applicable. We also know that it’s a very tight market at the moment so the odds are stacked in the favor of the seller so don’t worry about losing the retainer if you want to wait for a while to let things cool off.

There is a one-year hold available. Just communicate that you will want to wait and we will honor the service up to a year after purchase. Lastly, if the vehicle you wanted is out of the question due to final numbers we will switch it out 2 times giving you 3 total vehicle quotes. You can also feel free to get involved as little or as much as you want.

We will share all of our findings with each other and if you find a deal we will compare it to what we found and vice versa so you always end up with the best deal. Remember you hired us so we aren’t competing, we are a team. With that being said I hope you see value in the entire picture and understand the no refund policy as our time is the real value.

You are paying for our time and experience. There will be no refunds available.

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