Kristine A. Yelp 12/3/17

Prior to contacting the Inside Car Guys, i did not know that auto brokers even existed. The service Marcus provided me was phenomenal! He was friendly, responsive and completely on it . Told him exactly what I was looking for and within 2 days, he had my car delivered to me! He even took the time to make the moment special by placing a nice red bow (loved that!!) and “teaching” me the ins and outs of the car! Extremely knowledgeable guy!! And i loved how I didn’t have to deal with pushy car salesman or wait at the dealership to get all the paperwork situated (as a mom of 3 small kids, I have NO time for that). As I said, Marcus basically took care of everything over the phone with me and all I had to do was once he delivered the car, was spend 15 minutes signing paperwork that we already discussed!

More importantly, he was honest and helped me sort out the best options for not only buying my car, but also dealing with the car that I wanted to trade in.

I would definitely recommend Marcus!

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