Tyler R. Yelp 8/17/2018

Here’s the reality of things:
Car buying and leasing feels like walking into a room with a bunch of dirty hyenas that don’t give a s**t about what your needs really are, as long as they get maximize the profit they receive off of you. Purposeful “errors” on your contract, too good to be true promises to get you into the door, heck…one quote this time around while I was shopping someone even tried including a trade in credit for my lease (I don’t own this car, idiot…) and a military discount despite knowing ZERO about me. They really think you’re stupid.

Did you ever try something that you you might have doubted but felt like you are just so done that anything is better than what is currently happening? This was me when I first discovered auto brokering, more specifically, The Inside Car Guys. I expected no better. I expected someone that would not only make me pay for a service but also try to take advantage of me.

Let me tell you, if the phrase goes “diamond in the rough”, Marcus was a whole diamond mine. I’ll get to prices in a minute. Prices at this point were close to seeming secondary if I could just find someone who was upfront with me and genuine. I just wanted someone I could trust in the car leasing process who was in my corner. Marcus, with his 15+ years of experience selling and now brokering takes you through the whole process from start to finish to find your ideal drive and also lets you know you are the one being represented, not these car dealerships. He told me the ins and outs of how the dealers get you, gave me an opportunity to get to really know him, and every chance he could fought for my best deals.

Marcus personally wasn’t going to make much money off of my deal if any. I’m just out of college. I have bills hemorrhaging me anytime I get a bit ahead. I was looking at honda civics. Being up in Hollywood he deals with high profile clients as well as people like myself so me as a demographic isn’t what is necessarily profitable for him. It’s very clear though that money isn’t what motivates him and he just wants to help. Marcus really leveled with me trying to find progress in my life and not only did he beat every dealer by like 60 bucks a month initially, but he kept following up when he saw better deals. I even asked him if I could pay him in installments because of how much a down payment would affect my financial situation and he was fine with that. He took my payment from around 250 on an lx to 230 on an ex and 195 on an lx all with me requesting 15k miles per year and 1500 down plus 500 for a college incentive. My last two leases I have been at 203 and I was extremely worried my payments would go up based on money factors and the current market, but he beat those prices which every other dealer could not. He’s truly disrupting the market. I got an email back from a dealer saying something along the lines of “We are doubling down on our offer, my manager won’t do that” when I took his price just to double check at another dealer.

Again though, I really want to focus on the experience side of my time with The Inside Car Guys. There just doesn’t seem to be anyone else out there like this. Marcus not only makes you feel like after you are done, you guys can go out and have a beer, but he also has bigger causes behind what he does. Through philanthropy, he helps out children in adversity. After our long conversation of just getting to know each other, he told me that he is building shelters for homeless college students and group homes for at risk youth. I feel like this comes from a very deep place in his past and as a result, the way he does business is very empathetic.

It doesn’t need to be said, but I will say it. If you are at a point where you are frustrated with the offers you are getting, there’s a better way here. Try the insider car guys. They personally guarantee the lowest deal, so if someone beats their, you can go back and they will do their best to match or beat your offer. I hope that this review reaches the people it needs to.

Once again, thank you Marcus and The Inside Car Guys. You really saved my sanity and wallets life!

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