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New Lead Intro Scripts

ICG vs. Dealerships:

The first thing to know that is different about us from a dealership is that we work for you, not the dealership or the manufacturer. We don’t have a lot full of specific cars that we are trying to sell for as much profit as possible. We’re the opposite. We are on your side approaching the dealership and work to grind them down on price and save you as much as possible on the exact car you want. 

The average dealership visit for a car purchase lasts about 6 hours. Much of this time is spent trying to get more money out of the customer by playing with the price or using pressure to upsell other things the customer may not want. By working with Marcus here at Inside Car Guys, this reverses. Since we deal directly with fleet managers and sales managers, the dealership wants to move cars in volume and offers us pricing similar to a large company buying a whole fleet of cars. So, instead of dealing with a salesman who is motivated by making a higher commission, we work with “the boss” who is motivated by doing whatever it takes to sell the most cars – and with us, he has to give the lowest price possible in order to accomplish that.

ICG vs. Other Brokers

-they typically lack on the ground and back-office experience

– Marcus was an award-winning finance manager

– Marcus was top salesman at several dealerships and brokerages

– not necessarily because he was a “polished salesman” but because he actually cared that his customers were treated well, had a great experience and were thrilled with their new car.

Truly an “Inside Car Guy”

Marcus had been on the inside. 

  • When Marcus is working for you, he doesn’t call over to BMW Incorporated, he calls his friend Bill, or Sarah – many of these higher ups that he has developed a personal relationship over the years and they respect him very much and often can do favors for him that they wouldn’t do for any other Broker, or sometimes even a salesman in their own store.

About Marcus The Car Guy

I've been in car sales and finance for over 20 years, working at the highest volume dealerships in the nation including Fletcher Jones, DCH and more. Want to pick my brain on finding cars, negotiating cars, and structuring car deals?

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