Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Inside Car Guys.

By acknowledging our terms and conditions, you agree that we are acting on your behalf as a broker and as a consultant.

Although pricing is not guaranteed and results may vary, we use our combined decades of experience to get you the most desirable outcome possible.

Our main focus is to save you time and frustration while eliminating the back-and-forth between you and the dealer or seller.

We utilize all resources and experience to do so. We act on your behalf as a professional car searcher, negotiator, and finance manager.

We do not guarantee any numbers as the market may vary and change daily based on supply and demand.

What we do offer is a guarantee of clear communication and access to any information that we uncover throughout our efforts in searching and negotiating for the best price.

With our Basic Inside Car Guys Service, you receive:

  • Retain Inside Car Guys LLC for up to a year of service or until a car transaction is completed.
  • Search for three different models that match (as closely as possible) to your desired price and options.
  • Maximize the equity or trade-in value of your current vehicle so you use.

No refunds will be available. We will continue to work together and find the car that you want. If you find the car that you want, we can still use our pre-existing dealer relationships to negotiate and structure the deal for you.

Having us negotiate and structure the deal for you often results in getting you closer to the down payment and monthly payment you desire without changing the sticker price of the vehicle.

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