What Mods Can You Do To A Leased Car?

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Are you wondering what kind of aftermarket parts can you put on a leased car? Well, that only means you’re either planning on leasing one or you’re already signed up on a leased deal.

With that being said, you can modify a leased car as long as the car dealership agrees to it. Doing otherwise will put you at some risk because it will invalidate the warranty. Moreover, you can even be fined when the lease is up.

So, what kind of modifications can you do to a leased car? Find out here!

Allowed modifications on a leased car

Can you wrap a leased car? Most car dealerships will agree to it as long as you remove the car wrap when the lease is up. The same goes for painting the car. You can have it painted as long as you return the car to its original color when the lease expires.

You can also change the rims and tires of your leased car. Just make sure that you don’t damage the car’s body while doing so. The same goes for installing a new stereo system. You can upgrade the speakers and add a subwoofer as long as you don’t drill any holes in the process.

Commonly allowed modifications on a leased car

  • Tire upgrades
  • Attaching a tow bar
  • Vinyl wrap (only allowed if you use a high-quality vinyl wrap)
  • Window tints

Not allowed modifications on a leased car

  • Engine modifications
  • Suspension modifications
  • Drilling holes in the car bodyPaint job (unless you’re repainting it to the original color)
  • Adding decals
  • Connect a spoiler

If you’re thinking about making fixed modifications to your leased car, you will first need to ask for permission from the car dealership.

Can you custom order a leased car?

Let’s answer some related questions. Do you want to lease a custom-ordered car? Yes, this is possible.

Even better, this is an excellent option if you’re planning on trying a particular car and purchasing it after the lease ends. The best way to do this is to visit or ask about different dealership inventories and financing the ownership.

Likewise, there are two main advantages to leasing a custom-ordered vehicle:

  • You’re the first one to drive
  • You can check if it’s a perfect fit

In addition, keep in mind that all fixed modifications in a custom-ordered car will be rolled into the lease agreement. This is excellent news because you won’t have to worry about asking for permission or breaking the terms of the contract.

However, if you decide to return the car after the lease, all modifications will be reverted to the original state. The good news is that most dealerships are okay with this as long as you don’t damage the car.

In Conclusion

Now that you know what mods can you do to a leased car, be sure to ask for permission from the car dealership before making any. Keep in mind that you can be fined if you break the terms of the contract.

Moreover, make sure to read the contract carefully before signing it. This way, you’ll know what kinds of modifications are allowed and which ones aren’t. Lastly, have fun customizing your leased car!

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